2023 BJCC Gala Ball and Professional Excellence Awards

The BJCC is proud to present six Professional Excellence Awards to highlight the great achievements and dedication to development of young professionals across the diverse industries brought together by the BJCC. 

The focus of the Awards is to identify individuals who:

  • actively participate to connect with other emerging leaders in the community, find opportunities to collaborate, and get the best out of each other
  • demonstrate interest in developing and applying personal and professional skills such as technical and industry expertise and leadership capability to achieve tangible results
  • consistently champion young professional interests within the business and policy environment and advocate for young professionals having a seat at the table for long-term strategy discussions.

The Awards

rising star

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award recognises an emerging leader who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to success in the early stage of their career and is someone you’ll expect to find within Brisbane’s future leadership landscape.

This award will consider an individual with up to 5 years’ experience and their demonstrated strategies, activities, and problem-solving skills to making a notable contribution in their industry.

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President's Award

The President’s Award recognises a current Committee member or Ambassador who has made an impactful contribution and has demonstrated a strong and consistent commitment to the BJCC’s activities.

The award will consider a demonstrated contribution to a major project or ongoing operations, which has achieved positive outcomes for the BJCC.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises a current or alumni member of the BJCC who has used their experience to make a significant impact in business and/ or within the community.  

The award will consider the skills and networks gained from the individual’s experience as a member of the BJCC and how they have used this to give back to business and/ or the community during their career. 

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BJCC Member of the Year Award

The BJCC Member of the Year Award recognises a current member of the BJCC is actively involved and uses their experience to achieve personal or professional success.

The award will consider the level of engagement displayed by the individual and their personal contribution to supporting the BJCC deliver on its purpose. 

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Social Impact Award

The Social Impact Award recognises an emerging leader who uses their skills to protect and promote social and environmental sustainability.

The award will consider an individual’s consistent effort to achieve an ongoing and measurable social impact within the Brisbane community, and beyond. 

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Young Professional of the Year Award

The Young Professional of the Year Award recognises a young professional who has achieved the most outstanding achievements within industry, entrepreneurship and/ or small business ownership, and is someone who will use their skills to make an ongoing impact in the Brisbane business environment. 

The award will consider an individual with over 5 years’ of experience who has achieved measurable success and applies emerging business and leadership trends to solve problems and achieve professional and organisational growth. 


How do I nominate someone for a Professional Excellence Award?

Sometimes a little nudge of encouragement is needed for someone to put themselves in the game and a nomination of support is important in this process. The BJCC encourages everyone to spread some kindness and spend two minutes submitting a nomination for someone who deserves to be celebrated. 

When a person is nominated the BJCC will invite the nominee to apply for the relevant award to complete the submission. 

Click here to nominate someone to apply for a Professional Excellence Award.

How do I apply for a Professional Excellence Award?

The BJCC recommends having a looking at the application page and questions and taking some time to prepare your responses. When you’re ready, submit your application, headshot, and bio online.

Click here to apply for a Professional Excellence Award.

Do you have you any tips for me?

Please refer to the Professional Excellence Awards Overview and Guidance for information on the:

  • Awards Framework
  • Judging Panel and Criteria
  • Application Guidance.

The application has now closed.

Applicants and their primary business location must be based/ headquartered in Brisbane. Nominees and applicants must be aged between 18 and 39 years old as per the BJCC’s standard membership requirements, with the exception of the Lifetime Achievement Award where nominees and applicants must be over 18 years of age. Further eligibility criteria specific to individual awards are listed within the relevant application form.

Nominations will be kept anonymous. The BJCC respects the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by you and adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles. For further details, please refer to the BJCC’s Privacy Policy.