About BJCC

“The BJCC is connecting, educating and advocating for our future leaders.”

The BJCC has a 40 year history with a core value of providing a supportive platform for young professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and students to develop personally and professionally while building meaningful connections.

The core goal of the BJCC is to bring together young professionals, young business owners & entrepreneurs and students to help them connect and grow with one another. The BJCC provides an environment for our community to;

•    Improve their business, personal and leadership skills
•    Develop managerial, entrepreneurial and organisational skills
•    Mix with and meet like-minded young professionals
•    Work together to build a strong business community in Brisbane

We develop our future leaders by


Industry insights, knowledge sharing and expertise from business leaders – the sharing economy.


Unique social events designed to build meaningful connections and a strong business community.


We advocate for change to issues affecting our members.

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