Interview with Jason Titman

1.)    Jason, you’re a successful entrepreneur, motivational manager and leader, inspirational key note speaker and publisher, involved in various boards and groups, active athlete and husband. What is your key to success and squeeze in your busy lifestyle in a day? 

Keeping things in perspective is always important and enjoying the journey even though I have set myself a number of end goals.  I live with the Chinese philosophy that it is better to live one year in the life of a tiger rather than a life time in the life of a donkey and that winners do what losers don’t – there are plenty of times I would have liked a day off training a day at home or to extend my holiday but I have always stayed focused.  There is a time and a place for slowing down and recovering but too many people give up when the going gets tough.


2.)    Your resume is very impressive and has a long list of achievements. What are you most proud of?

I believe that success means different things to different people.  I love business and I love creating businesses that make a difference and influence people’s lives.  Being able to handle multiple projects at one time is probably one of my greatest achievements and being able to contribute to a number of philanthropic fundraising activities over the past 15 years is also very pleasing.


3.)    As a past president of the BJCC, what did you take out of this experience? 

The BJCC was a great time in my life and I still have some life-long friends and contacts that I met at the BJCC.  Being new to Brisbane when I first joined the BJCC I found it was a great cornerstone to meeting some of the real movers and shakers in the Brisbane business scene.  It was like a fast tracked Brisbane Private School experience for making contacts.   I also met a number of inspirational business leaders during my time with the BJCC and some of their messages still stick with me.  Such as “If you don’t want to read about it on the front page of the Courier Mail – then don’t do it in the first place!”.  “If you worry about your current job you won’t have to worry about your next job!”. 


5.)    Lastly, what advice would you give up and coming professionals to succeed and achieve their goals?

Remember we all get knocks along the way, so don’t let a bad decision you have made negatively affect your future decisions.  Tenacity is a key ingredient to success.  Success is not just about the money, I believe your legacy and helping others achieve greatness is very important.  Pursue your passion and you will be a success in whatever you do.  Seek out some mentors along the way.  Keep things in balance for as much of the time as possible.  Getting out of balance in any area will eventually lead to some negative consequences.