Introducing Our Ambassadors

I joined the BJCC to meet like-minded young professionals, who are striving to enhance aspects of their chosen industry. Through my experience as a member of the BJCC, I have been provided numerous opportunities to meet with other local business owners and professionals across a broad range of industries. Through these opportunities, you not only increase your vital network as a young professional, but you also learn more about yourself and your professional passions – which is invaluable. 

I joined the BJCC as member due to the opportunity to engage with other young, like-minded professionals at a similar stage in their careers as myself.

The opportunity to meet with individuals from a variety of industries, who share similar experiences is unique to the BJCC and allows you to develop your own network/contacts.

For young people, regardless whether you’re a recent graduate or have already commenced your career, I would highly recommend being involved!

I joined BJCC straight out of high school during my first year of full-time work. I wanted to surround myself with like-minded people and learn more about business and leadership.

Since I don’t have any family in Australia BJCC has become my second home. My first event was cocktails and connections and straight away people were supportive and friendly.

BJCC has offered me opportunities to connect, learn and grow as a person. I HIGHLY recommend the organization and feel extremely lucky to be apart of it.

Members of the insurance industry are inherently good at building relationships with others within the industry, and these relationships are definitely important to ensure we can provide the best service to our clients.

I joined the BJCC to expand my network to include those outside of the insurance industry. Having a network with a growing variety of occupations and professions has opened up my exposure to areas that I normally wouldn’t learn about. This extra knowledge has helped in discussions with my own clients, and has given me a greater understanding of their businesses.

When I first started coming to the BJCC the idea of putting myself out there and talking to strangers scared the crap out of me. I used to give myself pep talks on the way in to the events! I didn’t expect to find such an amazing and welcoming bunch of peeps and peepettes who really define what it means to be part of a community.

I joined BJCC to connect with young professionals, future leaders and a diverse group of people who want to work hard and achieve in their lives. It can be very isolating my line of work and I find that BJCC is a wonderful platform to connect and improve my outlook on business and work relationships. I am a big believer that no matter what industry you are in, the ability to connect and network will be the key to success and self improvement.

The Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce is a place where you not only grow your network, but you can feel comfortable reaching out to other passionate young professionals who are willing to add value to your life. This is why I joined. We not only does the BJCC advocate for small business owners and young professionals, nor is it simply somewhere to network and socialise. Rather, I’ve found it to be all this and more. It’s a place where members openly embrace opportunities to collaborate and share knowledge that help each other grow our careers and businesses. For me as a first time Founder this was a network I just couldn’t afford not to learn from while building my credibility in a new industry.

The reason why I joined BJCC is because it provides unique opportunity to meet new, passionate and like-minded professionals from diverse industries. Being part of BJCC helped me changed my perspective on the Brisbane business community – Brisbane has many intelligent people, have the right resources and infrastructures and community to compete with the other key cities in Australia.

BJCC’s greatest value is that the door is open to everyone. Your background does not matter. Furthermore, harmonizing locals and internationals in Brisbane makes the BJCC community more unique and stands out from the others.

I joined the Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce (BJCC) to network with young professionals across a range of industries. I also believe it provides me with an opportunity to learn and grow in my personal and professional life, particularly through the many panel events that BJCC organises. Previous panel events on topics such as women on boards, the future of work and getting the most out of your advisor – have really broadened my knowledge in these areas. I also enjoy the many social events such as gin and wine tasting, gallery viewings and much more. BJCC are always thinking of creative ways to engage their members.

My tip to anyone who is interested in joining this network is to just put yourself out there and don’t be shy. Bring along a colleague from work to the next event and make it your goal to talk to five people you’ve never met before. Add them on LinkedIn and reach out the next day. As the age old saying goes – it’s not what you know, but who you know!

Joining the BJCC has enabled me to meet and network with professionals (young and old!) from outside of the industry I work in.

When I first started coming along to events, I was a bit shy and wasn’t sure if networking was for me but after 4 years, the room is always full of friendly familiar faces.

Whether you are a seasoned networker, or new to the group – I would recommend coming along, you never know who you might meet. I’ve met new friends, taken on new clients and helped numerous accountants secure a new role, all through the BJCC!

My first experience with the BJCC was no less than 12 months ago. Walking into Walter’s Steakhouse alone, I had never felt more welcomed in a networking space. BJCC has introduced me to new friends, clients and has given me the support and confidence I needed to excel further in my career. The opportunities and personal development I have experienced through the BJCC this past year have been second to none and I would highly suggest any young professional to join.