End of 2020 – Message From The President

17 December 2020

To our BJCC community,

We’ve all had those mornings, when we wake and wonder what on earth happened the night before?!? That’s what 2020 delivered time and again for us all.

But, we all survived it. We made changes and adapted, learnt new ways and skills, and more importantly we helped each other and came together however and wherever we could. And for that, as President of this
incredible community, I couldn’t be more prouder.

Time and again this year, our community pushed forward and did bigger and better than we’ve ever done before. From our first partnered event with QAGOMA in February, showcasing their incredible exhibit: Water, to then swiftly shift into a range of virtual events including wine and chocolate tastings with both COVINO-20 and BJCC & The Chocolate Factory. To then return to in person events giving the outlet to our community in what continued to be a challenging year for so many. The BJCC has only further ensured its place as the community for young professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and students through leading and delivering unique, engaging and enticing opportunities for professional & personal development mixed with networking.

For entrusting us with this journey, our entire team of ambassadors and committee members, along with myself, would like to say, thank you. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for supporting each other and thank you for supporting your city and your state for your impacts go well beyond what you may realise, but won’t soon be forgotten.

And whilst you’ve seen plenty of what we’ve been able to do through our events and engagement, the team that represents you has been hard at work advocating on your behalf to improve our city, our state and even our country. For we believe that Brisbane should be the place to live, work, play and grow and at the core of this is its young people.

Unfortunately we’ve not always been heard, or listened to, but we have made our voice stronger & more diverse and with your support this will continue on to ensure we best shape and improve our glorious city for
our generation and generations to come. And where and when we’re not listened to we’ve shown we can take the lead and advocate through action with initiatives such as Local As Qld, a Queensland tourism push bringing
together over 40 chambers and tourism bodies from across the state to better highlight and showcase the incredible local and small businesses who will continue to thrive on our support.

Our advocacy has also led us to develop and launch, SafeVisit. Australia’s only community driven contact tracing platform, providing assurity for business compliance and rock solid data privacy and security for the general public, with an damn fine buttery smooth user experience. Having only launched on August 1, following a successful trial at one of our own events, SafeVisit is set to clock over 1 million check-ins before Christmas Day with some 1,500+ businesses across countless industries from every state and territory across Australia using this platform. This platform has been met with approval from Queensland Health with us now seeking the seal of approval from our own state government.

We don’t know what the world will throw at us in 2021. What I am assured of, is that our community won’t be thrown by it, our drive and our passion won’t waver, and our ability to continue to create, grow & evolve will
remain at the core of the BJCC.

Thank you for being with us, enjoy your festive season and be ready for next year, it’s going to be brilliant!

Your Prez, Nathan ?