A Message From The President On COVID-19

16 March 2020

To our BJCC Members & the outstanding BJCC Community,

I write to you all surrounding the current uncertainty and concerns connected to the COVID-19 virus and its impacts on the BJCC and you, our community.

We know that there’s plenty of concern and uncertainty surrounding us not just as the BJCC community but as a city, economy and much more widely our society. We also understand the role we play amongst all of this and the importance we place to ensure we act appropriately for, and on behalf of you, our community.

This is why I encourage each of you to take the necessary precautions to protect yourselves and one another at this time. But, be wary not to buy into the panic and misinformation that surrounds us as this could prove to be much more damaging than the virus itself.

Looking ahead more specifically at BJCC events on the horizon, we continue to work with our partners and hosts, along with the advice and guidance of government and health professionals, to understand the risks and our ability to continue to hold our events for our members and community. We will continually advise all of you as to when and where events will be held.

Beyond our more immediate future of events, let me take this time to remind each of you that the community we have built as the BJCC is much more resilient than the events we hold. For it is the relationships we forge with one another that underpin our events along with everything else we do as a chamber. I encourage all of you to continue to build on these relationships; get to know your committee, your ambassadors, your fellow community members.

Please also do not forget the businesses that underpin our community and the BJCC, particularly small businesses. These businesses now, more than ever will rely on your support, your encouragement and most importantly your business. These businesses are just as important to our chamber and our city and your support to them will be far reaching and not long forgotten.

Our future ahead might have a few bumps, but with you, our incredible BJCC community I’m assured of its success now and for a long time to come. For now is not a time for separation, but a time for cooperation.

My best to all of you and if I can personally help or be someone to just chat with, please do reach out.

Yours sincerely

Nathan Schokker